Fine Dining in the Middle Kingdom

April 13th, 2014 by Ellen Dowling Leave a reply »

Last Friday night (April 11), I went with my new dear friend Shaohan (AKA Gloria) Zhang to a wonderful “western” restaurant in Beijing called “Capital M.” (Here’s the restaurant’s website: My former colleague in China, Deb Reigel, and I found this place 3-4 years ago when both of us were just yearning for some warm bread and butter and (for me) a dry martini! If you look at the restaurant’s website, you can see that it has a full bar (“heaven, I’m in heaven”) and tables with white tablecloths and napkins, and (how do these work again?) forks and knives, and spectacular views of the south gate of Tian’anmen Square.

Here are Shaohan and me on the Capital M terrace:

capital mAnd more of the south gate:


We had a wonderful dinner: A delicious antipasto to start, then “duck in croute” (in a puff pastry) for me and a pork medallion for Shaohan. And of course a martini for me, followed by a glass of a lovely sauvignon blanc and a “frou-frou girlie” drink of some kind for Shaohan. (Probably the same drink Deb ordered when she was there last!)

Then off we went to a huge western hotel somewhere in a business district, where we took the elevator to the 60th floor and Shaohan bought us drinks in the lounge. Another sauvignon for me; another frou-frou drink for Shahan. See here:


Dinner for two, with drinks, came to about $160 USD. Worth every penny!


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